The Gifts of Dog

Three Shih Tzus were present at Susanna’s birth, and each had a gift to bestow. The first dog presented her with unparalleled cuteness, the second with street smarts, and the third with good judgment of character. Her parents were surprisingly happy … Continue reading

The Ghost at Lock 60

When the original Erie Canal was completed in 1825, it was hailed as “The Eighth Wonder of the Western World”–an “engineering marvel”–but it was far from perfect. It was downright dangerous at times, especially for the boys, “Hoggees,” who rode … Continue reading

The Girl with a Voice

Courtney Preston often told interviewers that she came out of the womb singing, but that was not in fact the case. The real answer felt too personal. Her mom was a small-time singer/songwriter who would sing her little girl to … Continue reading