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"The Christmas Department" by Alex Schattner

“The Christmas Department” by Alex Schattner


Article of Interest: “America’s Moral Volcano” by Eleanor Jones Harvey

Can landscape paintings depict political turmoil? They did during the American Civil War.

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“Frederic Edwin Church painted “Cotopaxi” in 1862. Although it is not specifically about the Civil War, it is a landscape suffused with it.” – Eleanor Jones Harvey, New York Times


Moore Forgiven

A young man  entered a gilded elevator, and pushed the button for the top floor. In his hand, he held a small package. To be honest, he was surprised he had made it so far. “What could have induced Robert … Continue reading


Friends in High Places

On a cool December morning, Dustin Tanglewood awoke to find bright whiteness outside his window. Overnight, his quiet suburban neighborhood had transformed into a snowy paradise. As he took a closer look, there was only one thing out of place, … Continue reading


President Cerulean

On a warm summer’s night, the pregnant wife of a U.S. Senator went about preparing dinner for her husband. She was carving a chicken cutlet when the knife slipped and cut the surface of her pinky. Two drops of crimson … Continue reading


Illustration: “Lebeau-Blanc”

Read “Lebeau-Blanc” here.


Limerick: The Senator

“Poverty” Illustration by Paul Lachine

There once was a young senator
who never cared about the poor.
This opinion, he stressed,
’til his father confessed
food stamps had been their life-savior.

– Alex Schattner


Illustration: “Daphnie + 4 Interns”

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The Gifts of Dog

Three Shih Tzus were present at Susanna’s birth, and each had a gift to bestow. The first dog presented her with unparalleled cuteness, the second with street smarts, and the third with good judgment of character. Her parents were surprisingly happy … Continue reading