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I know It’s a little early, but I just completed the illustrated edition of my book, “The Christmas Department,” and I couldn’t wait to share it. So, from now until Oct. 6 the book will be available on Amazon for FREE.

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Inspiration: Mary Blair

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Porkie Yorkie

There once was a dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, born to humble beginnings. He was the runt of his litter, and the least loved by his mother. While all his brothers and sisters quickly found loving homes, he was left alone … Continue reading


The Girl with a Voice

Courtney Preston often told interviewers that she came out of the womb singing, but that was not in fact the case. The real answer felt too personal. Her mom was a small-time singer/songwriter who would sing her little girl to … Continue reading


Mr. Vandyke = Business


There once lived a man named Mr. Vandyke who made more money in a year than he could spend in a lifetime. Every dollar he earned just made him want to work harder. Over time, this desire ruined his social … Continue reading


Inspiration: nokkasili / sketches

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Inspirations: nokkasili / sketches

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The Amazing Doris

Stephen Tucker was so bad at standardized tests, that he seriously considered hiring someone to take the SAT’s for him. This idea seemed especially good as he sat in the back row of a classroom, staring at the same math … Continue reading


Kidnapped by Wisdom and Belief

It was three o’clock in the morning when a scientist rowed his small wooden boat ¬†on to the Long Island Sound. He wanted a clear view of the greatest shooting star experience in a hundred years. When he was half … Continue reading


Boy Meets Nature

Troy Phillips was born like you, into a land overwhelmed with technology, and he immersed himself in it. He always had at least one if not two headphones in at a time. He could also beat any video game in … Continue reading


The Garden of Hope

Frank and Melinda Brown had lived in Baltimore all of their lives. They remembered listening to the first Orioles game on the radio, and witnessing the 1968 Riot first-hand. In their late sixties, the Browns still felt the successes and … Continue reading