Love > Gold

Remember, this December, That love weighs more than gold! - Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

Remember, this December, that love weighs more than gold!
– Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon


All Dogs

One day, a dog and a cat were chasing after the same mouse, both used their instinctive skills.  The cat ran as fast as it could, but the dog reached the mouse first. “Okay, you win,” said the cat, “You’re … Continue reading


No Party Neil

Neil was terrified of socializing. Every time he attended a party he would stand quietly in the corner. A “successful” party was one at which he said more than the occasional monotone “Hi.” This impediment applied to other parts of … Continue reading


Celia and the Sulfur Spring

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Celia took a road trip to investigate her inheritance, a small property in West Virginia. After passing it three times, Celia pulled up to a grassy field. A mailbox reading “20 Spruce Lane” was the … Continue reading


Saturday Haikus: Thoughts

No matter your thoughts,  / Just do what feels right and hope  / You will know in time. * * * * Ignore hurtful thoughts.  / Sometimes your brain just has blips.  / Nobody’s perfect. * * * * Give … Continue reading


Saturday Haikus: Summer Lessons

“A Little Beachy” by Debbie Miller

Meeting up for food?
It’s really hot outside
Don’t order too much


Need sun-tan lotion?
Are you at the beach a lot?
The answer is “Yes!”

Drink Lots of Water
You don’t want dehydration
To ruin your fun.

This work is protected under Creative Commons BY-NC

Written by Alex Schattner (8/4/12)


Model’s Good Side

A photographer was readying his studio for the most beautiful model in the world. He had been looking forward to the shoot for months, and wanted everything to be perfect: the backdrop, the props, and the lighting. So, when the … Continue reading


Dreams With Squirrels

Susanna Parker had been reliving the same dream for three years. She would be walking down the street with her sister when a pack of rabid squirrels in black trench coats came at them from all directions. Just as all … Continue reading


Nelatinka Princhalafan

Upon turning twenty-seven, Scott Leighton, an actor beloved throughout the world, fell into a great depression. He hadn’t been on an unpublicized date in years, and the loneliness was becoming too much to bear. In the middle of shooting his … Continue reading


Arc of the Game

Nate and Jessie were the star athletes of their school football team. To Nate and his family, football was everything. Jessie enjoyed playing, but he enjoyed another aspect of school equally as much. His teammates would have laughed if he … Continue reading