Kidnapped by Wisdom and Belief

It was three o’clock in the morning when a scientist rowed his small wooden boat  on to the Long Island Sound. He wanted a clear view of the greatest shooting star experience in a hundred years. When he was half … Continue reading

Boy Meets Nature

Troy Phillips was born like you, into a land overwhelmed with technology, and he immersed himself in it. He always had at least one if not two headphones in at a time. He could also beat any video game in … Continue reading

The Garden of Hope

Frank and Melinda Brown had lived in Baltimore all of their lives. They remembered listening to the first Orioles game on the radio, and witnessing the 1968 Riot first-hand. In their late sixties, the Browns still felt the successes and … Continue reading

Vanessa and Marc

Vanessa Prinze was viewed as the L.A. equivalent to Marie Antoinette. She had everything money could buy, and plenty of it. Her birthday parties were always monumental occasions. With her father being one of Hollywood’s biggest producers, all of the … Continue reading

The Reporter Who Lied

Some people would argue that high-stress, high-reward jobs require lose morals. Charles Giffin would be their example. Giffin was the highest-rated newscaster on America’s #1 news network. He believed he could convince anyone of anything, regardless of the truth. When … Continue reading

Prom: When Harrowing History Turns Happiness Into Horror

After their Prom, two couples (Meg and Drake, Tracy and Shawn) hopped in a car and headed for the shores of Cape Cod.  It was 2 am by the time they arrived, and the beach was technically closed, but they … Continue reading