Dreams With Squirrels

Susanna Parker had been reliving the same dream for three years. She would be walking down the street with her sister when a pack of rabid squirrels in black trench coats came at them from all directions. Just as all … Continue reading


Nelatinka Princhalafan

Upon turning twenty-seven, Scott Leighton, an actor beloved throughout the world, fell into a great depression. He hadn’t been on an unpublicized date in years, and the loneliness was becoming too much to bear. In the middle of shooting his … Continue reading


Arc of the Game

Nate and Jessie were the star athletes of their school football team. To Nate and his family, football was everything. Jessie enjoyed playing, but he enjoyed another aspect of school equally as much. His teammates would have laughed if he … Continue reading


Three Moral Haikus 7/28

He got a new phone

To talk non-stop with his friends

But the apps claimed him


A late-night party

Should occur on the weekend

Sleeping at work? Bad.


When you list your friends

Include family members

They’ll always be there.

– Alex Schattner


Arthur Cross: The American Road Tripper

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Arthur Cross was a little bit scary. His glasses were big, and his face was hairy. He worked at a law firm on the seventeenth floor, but always dreamed of something more. He wanted to take a road-trip cross-country. From … Continue reading


Inspiration: Mary Blair

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For more beautiful illustrations visit: http://magicofmaryblair.com/mary-gallery.htm Advertisements


Porkie Yorkie

There once was a dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, born to humble beginnings. He was the runt of his litter, and the least loved by his mother. While all his brothers and sisters quickly found loving homes, he was left alone … Continue reading


The Girl with a Voice

Courtney Preston often told interviewers that she came out of the womb singing, but that was not in fact the case. The real answer felt too personal. Her mom was a small-time singer/songwriter who would sing her little girl to … Continue reading


Mr. Vandyke = Business


There once lived a man named Mr. Vandyke who made more money in a year than he could spend in a lifetime. Every dollar he earned just made him want to work harder. Over time, this desire ruined his social … Continue reading


Inspiration: nokkasili / sketches

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Inspirations: nokkasili / sketches

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