All Dogs

One day, a dog and a cat were chasing after the same mouse, both used their instinctive skills.  The cat ran as fast as it could, but the dog reached the mouse first.

“Okay, you win,” said the cat, “You’re faster than me.”

“All dogs are faster than cats.” said the dog.

“You must be a better sniffer, too,” said the cat.

“Of course. All dogs can sniff out anything.” said the dog.

“But you are also smellier than me. Are all dogs so smelly?” asked the cat.

“I don’t know,” said the dog.

“If you met all the dogs in the world,” said the cat, ” and you can sniff out anything, then how could you not know what each dog smells like?”

“Because, I haven’t met every dog in the world,” said the dog, putting his head down in shame.

“That’s not what you said before when I was complimenting you,” said the cat, “You can’t pick and choose which generalizations you’ll accept.”


Written by Alex Schattner (10/20/12)

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