The Art of Y: An Interview with Fashion Designer Catherine Litke

A dress from LITKE's 2014 S/S Line. Photo by Jake Jones

-> This Article is continued from The Huffington Post A = Alex Schattner       C = Catherine Litke A: How do you produce and distribute your designs? C: It’s tough. The first year that you are in business the cash flow … Continue reading

Limerick: The Senator

“Poverty” Illustration by Paul Lachine

There once was a young senator
who never cared about the poor.
This opinion, he stressed,
’til his father confessed
food stamps had been their life-savior.

– Alex Schattner

Daphnie + Four Interns

On the first day of Fashion Week, Louis Jacques-Moose, “the world’s most influential designer,” reviewed his Spring line. He took up a magnifying glass, and studied every stitch and crease. Technically, each piece was perfect, but Louis still wasn’t impressed. … Continue reading

Saturday Haiku: Friends of/are Friends

“Group Hug” by Taurus Burns

Jason attended parties
at which he did not know
the guest of honor.

Other people would
invite him as “plus one”–
make him feel welcome.

Jason never felt
the invite was correct…
…Then the host welcomed him.

Jason felt brand new.
He lost himself in good.
There was no mistake.

Be nice to all guests.
Some say, “Strangers are friends
you haven’t met yet.”

– Alex Schattner (9/15/12)

A Tale of Fashion Week (Part 3 of 3)

The final day of Fashion Week arrived and with it Louis’s show. As per usual, he arrived at his office extra early to check on his investment. Again, he was happily surprised. Mechanical doves were not exactly what Louis had … Continue reading

A Tale of Fashion Week (Part 2 of 3)

Louis arrived at 7 a.m. on the dot and went directly to the “Experimental Design Facility.” He found Daphnie, Beatrice and Ted, resting their heads on their desks. “Rise, and Shine,” he said, “I sure hope you haven’t been sleeping … Continue reading

A Tale of Fashion Week (Part 1 of 3)

Louis Jacques-Moose was set to present his Spring line at Fashion Week. On opening morning, his seamstresses presented him with the finished designs. He looked through them all very closely. Each item suited his expectations for quality, none of them … Continue reading