A Tale of Fashion Week (Part 1 of 3)

Louis Jacques-Moose was set to present his Spring line at Fashion Week. On opening morning, his seamstresses presented him with the finished designs. He looked through them all very closely. Each item suited his expectations for quality, none of them stood out to him. There was only one thing to be done. Three new outfits had to be created, and they had to be mind-blowing. He decided he would view the collections of his peers, and improve on their designs.

In the first show he saw, almost every model was wearing a brightly colored raincoat. Louis loved the color, but not the bulk of the fabric. So, he drew a quick sketch coat, and took it to his office on Central Park West. Once inside, he took the elevator to the lowest floor, headed down a long corridor until he came to a glass door marketed, “Experimental Design Facility.” This is where Louis kept his secret weapon, Daphnie Taylor, and her assistants, Ted and Beatrice. Louis wasted no time before handing Daphnie the sketch.

“I would like you to design a raincoat like this one,” Louis said, “It must have every color of the rainbow, and be lighter than air. I expect it to be ready by tomorrow morning,”

“But that’s a very tall order,” said Daphnie, “What if I can’t do it?”

“Then you will never work in this town again,” said Louis, walking out the door before she could protest. Daphnie summoned her team, and told them of the seemingly impossible task.

“Every problem has a solution,” Ted said, “We just need to figure out what’s lighter than air?”

“Helium!” said Beatrice.

“But how do we make a coat out of helium?” asked Ted.

“That’s Genius!” said Daphnie, “We will fill the coat with Helium.” Daphnie got straight to work drawing up a pattern, and choosing multi-colored vinyl. Beatrice ran out to a party store to buy helium, and Ted cut and sewed the vinyl.

Together, they worked all through the night, and by morning, Daphnie and her team had created a coat that was waterproof, colorful, and lighter-than-air, but they still had to pass Louis’s approval test…

(To Be Continued…)


Written by Alex Schattner (9/11/12)


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