A Tale of Fashion Week (Part 3 of 3)

The final day of Fashion Week arrived and with it Louis’s show. As per usual, he arrived at his office extra early to check on his investment. Again, he was happily surprised. Mechanical doves were not exactly what Louis had in mind; they were better.

“Unbelievable,” Louis said, “You have won your raises. Only one more design to go, and you will be entirely in my good graces.”

“What about rewarding us with 5% Stock as well,” said Beatrice. “We’ve been doing quite a lot of spectacular work recently if I do say so myself.”

“That’s quite a request,” said Louis, “You will have to earn it. We will see what you do with your next challenge. I am heading to a show right now, and a sketch will be in your hands within the hour.”

Louis attended one final show; this time the main draws were cocktail dresses shimmering with rhinestones. This gave Louis his final idea. He sped back to the office to provide his team with the final concept.

“I want a dress that is all brilliant shimmer,” Louis said.

“How do you mean?” asked Daphnie.

“I want shimmer and nothing else,” Louis said.

“But that’s impossible,” said Beatrice.

“You have already proven that nothing is impossible. Now you have to prove yourself worthy of stock. The show is at 4pm. That gives you five hours. Go!” Louis said, leaving  them, as per usual.

“Shimmer isn’t solid,” said Ted

“Well, he didn’t say it had to be solid,” said Daphnie, and this is where I have to disappoint you, dear reader. I’m not going to tell you how Daphnie, Beatrice, and Ted created the most brilliant dress ever. That information has been classified. All I know is what happened next. The “dress” nearly blinded two cabdrivers, and a security guard as they took it the dress backstage. Louis had to put on sunglasses to even look at it. Yet, he assigned a model to wear it, and gave it the last most-coveted position.

The show started with bold colors, as the weightless raincoat took center stage. The stern model seemed to glide down the runway. This was followed up by a few of Louis’s beautiful, but conventional designs. Daphnie, Beatrice, and Ted couldn’t stop smiling as they applied finishing touches to the models before sending them out in front of influential observers, and photographers.

The second to last piece was the winged wedding dress. “Oohs” and “Ahhs” were heard from all corners of the tent. A woman in the front row couldn’t take her eyes off the mechanical doves. A leading fashion editor would later write that the dress was “a vision out of a fairy tale…the stuff of dreams.”

Even so, nobody could have expected what came next. The lights went out, and just as the audiences eyes began to adjust, out stepped a model dressed in light. It can’t be described any better than that. It was like looking at a star. Nobody could look for more than a few milliseconds, and yet nobody wanted to look away.

When the model turned and walked off the stage, everyone rose for a standing ovation. Louis stepped out on the runway and waved and blew kisses. Models joined him and took a final strut across the runway. When Louis finally walked off, Daphnie, Beatrice, and Ted were there to greet him.

“You know, this has been a great experience,” said Daphnie, “but Beatrice, Ted, and I have decided that we would rather take our experience elsewhere,” and so they did. They founded their own company, and it was the greatest, most brilliant company ever.


Written by Alex Schattner (9/14/12)


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