The 100th Post: “Nina Faces Reality”

My latest tale, “Nina Faces Reality,” is now posted on Spinning Straw into Gold. I would like to thank Christie, the blog’s editor, for inviting me to write a guest story, and for providing me with the prompts “Los Angeles” and “Reality TV.” Christie’s encouragement and enthusiasm have been inspiring. This story is dedicated to her.  – Alex Schattner  (Click anywhere to be taken to the story)

Saturday Haiku: “The Sidekick”

Here’s to the hero
beside The Invincible.
The one who feels pain.

You work in shadow,
Seeing distant dangers
and tracking them down.

You’re the one taken
in hostage situations
who puts others first.

Some might see you as:
weaker, smaller, less appealing,
more human, more us…

Or who we want to be.

When the chips are down,
You provide the pep talk
that changes the tide.

That’s why we cheer
when you live to fight again.
Maybe we’ll join you.

– Alex Schattner  (10/13/12)

My Apologies

I know I owe you all three stories for this week. The fact of the matter is, I started a story on Monday that has gone through several drafts without any signs of being perfected. It appears I have hit a few roadblocks attempting to discuss slavery in the Antebellum South. Who would have thought? Live and learn. Anyway…I plan on remedying this situation really soon. Hopefully tomorrow. Until then, stay folksy.