Bill Finds Fate (A Work In Progress – Suggestions Welcome)

Since puberty, Bill knew one girl was his destiny,
but each first date made him more uncertain.
What if he missed his opportunity?

On the other hand…

He dreamed of buying a condominium.
One on a high floor,
overlooking Lake Michigan.

At first he feared the future,
moving forward without a mate,
but he didn’t want one unmet wish to kill another.

Bill hired an agent on the double.
Her advice was on point, and her salesmanship…impeccable.
Of course, that’s the moment he fell in love.

– Alex Schattner (8/7/12)

Inspiration: Animals by Berkley Illustration

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Saturday Haiku: Decisions

“The Gossips” by Norman Rockwell (1948)

Life is filled with decisions;
Ones that must be made wisely.
Don’t go it alone.

Learn others’ mistakes.
Those who’ve loved and fought,
lied, and cheated…teach.

No act is all new.
Don’t mistakenly think
the past holds nothing.

– Alex Schattner