Breckin Harts

Abby and Daniella’s status as “best friends” was challenged their junior year of high school when they both fell for the same guy. His name was Breckin Harts, and he was handsome, strong, funny, and new in town. Abby met him first period in Algebra. Daniella met him second period in History. Breckin asked both of them out. Abby for Friday, and Daniella for Saturday. Both girls met at lunch, hardly able to control their excitement.

“I have a date,” said Abby.

“I have a date, too,” said Daniella.

“With who?” asked Abby.

“Breckin,” said Daniella.

“That’s impossible,” said Abby, “He asked me out.”

“I guess we’ll just have to see which of us he prefers then.” said Daniella.

So, they both went on their respective dates, and enjoyed themselves immensely. Feeling torn between them, Breckin asked them both out a second time. Abby and Daniella only discussed this matter briefly before retreating separate tables. This tension only increased when the second dates led to third dates.

Breckin witnessed Abby and Daniella pulling one another’s hair in the hallway, but said nothing. Instead, he dismissed them as “crazy,” and moved on to three other women in his Chemistry, Health, and Wood-shop classes. Only then did Daniella and Abby realize they directed their angry at the wrong person. The real culprit, Breckin, walked away unscathed.


This story was written by Alex Schattner (8/21/12)

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