The Midsummer Terror

I awoke one fateful night, with many a terrible bite.
The constant itching made them red.
Then, on window siding…I saw a creature climbing.
With it’s wings gripping…and a long needled head.
“I’ll never get back to my dreaming,” I said.
“’lest this mosquito leave my bed.”

So–book in hand–I rose to take a stand.
Upon my bed, I crossed to where it lay.
Cautious as a vandle, I took angle,
“Aim to kill not mangle,” I like to say.
I swung the book, fast as a solar ray,
but the bloodsucker flew straight away.

For the next half hour, I laid still as a deer.
I chose to use my blood to “power shift.”
The mosquito couldn’t resist it’s allure before;
So, surely he bore, and my hands clapped swift.
When I parted them, his corpse was in rift.
At last! My mind could set adrift.

And sleep took me…

– Alex Schattner (9/28/12)


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