The Toll

Picture by Dragi Stankovic

A woman, feeling depressed and alone, decided to blow off some steam by going for a drive. She picked a direction and just kept going until she came to a  toll bridge. As she pulled up to the booth, she searched for a fee sign, but found nothing.

“How much is it to cross the bridge,” the woman asked the toll man.

“That depends. Business or pleasure?” asked the toll man.

“I don’t have to answer that,” said the woman.

” Uh huh. That’s what every clueless person says,” said the toll man, “Now. Business or pleasure?”

“Which is cheaper?” asked the woman.

“‘Pleasure’ if your paying on your own. ‘Business’ if you’re charging it to corporate.”

“I don’t have a ‘corporate.’ So, ‘Pleasure’ it is?” said the woman.

“Great. Stand by that decision,” said the toll man.

“How do you mean?” said the woman.

“When you stopped here, you had no goal. Now you’ve determined to have fun. Remember that. It’s the first step.”


Written by Alex Schattner (9/20/12)

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