Bill Finds Fate (Finished)

Bill knew one girl must be his destiny,
but each first date made him more uncertain.
What if he missed his opportunity?


He wanted to buy his own apartment.
Two bedrooms, two bathes, and views from a high floor,
with offerings of a wide assortment.

At first Bill feared investing in his future
while his marriage prospects were so bleak.
Must he lose one dream to gain another?

While he made up his mind…

Bill hired an agent to be his guide.
Her advice was so wise and her smile so sweet…
That the correct choice could not be denied.

He took the agent, and the apartment,
and moved at the earliest allotment.

– Alex Schattner (8/7/12)


Tags: alex schattner, america, belief, inspiration, love, moral, poem, wisdom, romance, life, fate, destiny

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