Treasure Hunt

A boy and his dog entered their backyard to search for buried treasure. They had no map, or metal detection device. After what felt like an hour, but was really twenty minutes, they had found a scoffed boot, a plastic bottle, and a glass marble.

Then the dog swallowed the marble, and they were down to only two objects. Still, this hunt was an improvement over their last one, and they were both pleased with themselves. The boy studied the bottle carefully.

“Who knows what this bottle could have held?” the boy wondered.

“Maybe lots and lots of bones,” thought the dog. The boy rinsed the bottle out in the sink and set it in a place of honor on his shelf. Just then, his father arrived home from a particularly long workday. Even so, he was happily surprised to see that his son had found his long lost dress shoe. Sure, the shoe was a little worse for ware, but small victories are important.

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